Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy 

This powerful hypnosis technique was created by the late Delores Canon. It involves connecting to your higher self in a deep state of trance. You can experience past life regression and visits to anywhere in the multidimensional universe where your soul has resided, in order to address emotional and physical issues in this life. Your SubConscious or Higher Self guides the way to the most appropriate place for your healing and understanding. Your amazing journey can bring a higher understanding of yourself, the universe with its guiding recipes of love, and even instantaneous physical healing.

What to expect at a QHHT Session

This session can last anywhere from 3-6 hours. It is strictly confidential and no one may sit in on the session.

Interview Discussion

First we have a discussion so I can get to know you and the issues you hope to cover and heal during the hypnosis. We will talk about you, your childhood, family, relationships, emotional traumas, and physical issues, basically anything that is troubling you now or has in the past. Also we speak about your ambitions and spiritual questions.
I will address any questions or fears you may have about the hypnosis itself.

Hypnosis and past life regression

As we proceed to the hypnosis, do not be worried or scared. Some people worry that they won't be able to be hypnotized.... anyone with a normal level of intelligence that is willing and can follow directions can be hypnotized. I will guide you through one or more past, parallel, future or present, multi-dimensional lives... even on other planets. As you do this you will be visualizing the scene and describing it in detail. At first your Conscious mind may try to highjack the situation, but as you keep describing, you will become grounded as "that" person or entity in the experience. As you keep finding more and more details in your mental picture, it is giving permission to your Subconscious and you will become fully connected to that time and space. You will speak in first person as though you are there describing it to me, like talking to a friend who is asking you questions.
Everyone has a different experience.  

Some people are not "visualizers," they feel and sense, and have a firm knowing about what is going on. They can tell the story through all of the feelings and thoughts generated. If you see "nothing" do not think you are failing... stay with it and follow directions. Be allowing. You may be in an alternate reality which will unfold.

All of the places you visit are guided by your Higher Self, solely for the purpose of learning some lesson. It is always a surprise to me.

Contacting the Higher Self - Subconscious Mind

After visiting these other realities you will be in a very deep state of hypnosis. We then ask for permission to speak with the Higher Self for information regarding the experiences you have had or viewed. Most always granted, we then I ask your questions and ask for any healing that you wish. 

Post Hypnosis Discussion and Review 

After gently bringing you out of hypnosis, we review all that happened and let you orient yourself back to this time and space!

We discuss lessons, insights from the SubConscious and the places you visited. You may remember some or not much. And what you do remember may start fading quickly like a dream. So I record the session and send a copy to you.

​How to prepare for your QHHT session

Meditate on a positive outcome.Make a list of several questions that you would like answered. Yes or No questions are not advisable as you will not receive the answers that can help you. You have free will and the universe will not tell you what to do. You need to be empowered through leaning about the root causes and understanding the lessons 
Ask How? Why? What? When? questions.

Why do I have this aliment/discomfort. What is the cause? Was it from this life time or some other time? Is it residue from another life? What emotions if any, are causing this issue?
What can I learn from the current relationship I'm in? How did it come to be? What should I be practicing in this life to deal better in these kind of situations.... you get the idea.

Or simple questions about the nature of the universe. Perhaps you would like to see the other side of the veil to in between lives.