Client testimonials

​I wanted to thank you for spending time with me on Wednesday. I wanted to wait a couple days before emailing you because I wasn't sure what I was feeling was real! When I got home my back was not hurting. I wasn't sure what to think. When I woke up the next day, I jumped out of bed, yes jumped! I went about my morning routine of making coffee and feeding the cats. After, it dawned on me that I wasn't in pain! I had almost full range of motion. What!? I almost cried. I went to physical therapy and the Dr. Confirmed a 75% improvement in my symptoms. It was incredible!! I can't thank you enough. I have been in pain for two years and now I feel like it's possible to get my life back! I still need to do physical therapy but now it is so much easier!

I'm not sure about letting go of some of the negative feelings I was hoping to let go of. I suppose time will tell if I respond to past triggers. At any rate, it was a wonderful experience and I am profoundly grateful that I found you.

 Later update:
 I feel calmer, less reactive and hopeful. I haven't had these feelings for quite some time. When thinking about the some of the traumatic experiences we covered I am able to view them objectively and less emotional. I feel they are a part of my life experience and helped shape me, but I don't feel like a victim. I am still amazed by this.

Kelly S. | WA

First of all, Valerie is a amazing spirit. So much light and love that it made me feel super welcoming and safe. This was the first time I sought out such therapy. I have never been hypnotized. I had only seen the shows where volunteers would get hypnotized on stage and would (on the count of three) would stand up and cluck like chickens! "Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy" (QHHT) was the most healing that could ever happen in such a short amount of time. Relatively speaking of course. It involves going back. Sometimes in this life, sometimes you go to past life experiences. I was speaking but feeling almost awake. When she asked me if she could speak to my sub conscious I answered "yes" And from that point on only my sub conscious was speaking. And I knew it! But I was holding stuff in my body (one specific event) for 60 years. It was an amazing experience and I already have booked my next session. Healing can and will set you free! And Valerie is exactly what you need to make it happen. I know we are all different, but my experience was healing and not negative or scary. Thanks Val! Can't wait to come back

Stephanie L. | WA

My first healing session with Valerie was with Biofield Tuning. This session brought forward/triggered some thoughts on why my energy was very stuck at a particular time-line in my life. That made me look deeper into the cause and I opened a really big can of worms. But that was the beginning of my healing.

About 3 years after my first session with Biofield Tuning, I met with Valerie again. This time the healing modality was Hypnosis and Akashic Record Reading. This session was very powerful and I had some very deep truths answered. There was a big shift in energy and I continue to walk the healing path. Valerie is kind and compassionate about helping people heal. She is a light worker.

Denika | WA

I have had several Biofiel​d Tuning, sound-healing sessions with Valerie, and they have all been life-changing! I felt so at-ease with her- she made me feel safe and heard, and afterward I was absolutely transformed. We are both musicians so we are connected in that way, and sound healing was so uniquely perfect for my body and what it needed! Valerie’s musical gifts and intuition guide her so that each session caters to your needs. Highly recommend!!

Jessica J. | WA

​I just had a session with Valerie, it was so amazing. I was totally comfortable from the moment she said hi... she has such great energies, love, and strength she really makes you feel at home. I was under for two hrs. I got to see three past lives. I got to meet a different entity.. his name is Ziri from alpha beta area. He was so great. He has personality made me laugh.. He spent a while with me healing me and updating me. I wish to meet him in real life one day. Valerie was so good at leading me from one past life to another. I Definitely will be calling her back to go through another session I'd love to visit more of my past lives. SHE REALLY IS THE BEST... Her home and office was so clean and beautiful... Thank you so much Valerie.. looking forward to seeing you again...

April T. | WA

​I had the pleasure of meeting with Valerie for a QHHT session. I loved how easy she is to connect with, she felt like a long time friend. The session was very comfortable, and so revealing and encouraging for me. I would truly love to do more work with her in the future.

Amber Q. | WA

I wasn't sure what to expect when I scheduled my appointment with Val. I was happily surprised with my visit! Our conversation was so enlightening and I felt like a renewed human when I left!

Angelina N. | WA

​I had a QHHT (quantum healing hypnosis technique) session with Val today. She was easy to open up and talk with along with knowing how to steer the conversation to maximize our visit. I had done a past life regression, we had talked about the experience after. I found myself more at peace and clearer state of mind to meditate. I would recommend Val to guide you thru your healing process.

Basia C. | WA

Valerie is phenomena! Truly a compassionate person with a deep understanding in her craft. She listens, makes you feel comfortable and relaxed during the session. If you are looking at hypnotherapy I highly recommend booking with her.

Angela S. | WA

I had a great experience at Hidden Valley Healing. Valerie's place is comfortable, safe, and inspiring. She's an experienced hypnotist and it's apparent right away. To me, being hypnotized is like doing a deep guided meditation and verbalizing as you go. Valerie got me there pretty quickly. I will be coming back for some sound tuning. With her music background, I can't wait to experience what will come through.

Hailly Bailey - Snoqualmie Pass, WA

Valerie Doerrfeld

"I'm so grateful to be in a position to make positive meaningful impact on others' lives.”

Valerie Doerrfeld