Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning is a gentle healing method for helping the electric body, your frequency aura, align itself by the introduction of pure Schumann Harmonic Resonance Frequencies and Fibonacci Series Frequencies made by tuning forks.

During a regular Biofield Tuning Session the client lies fully clothed on a massage table. The practitioner uses tuning forks in the field around the body and touching the body with the handles of the forks. Some forks make gorgeous pure audible sound and some are weighted and are mostly inaudible, however you will feel the vibration. Other aids may include crystals which amplify the vibration.
Clients will feel various sensations and often experience emotional release. Post session can include detox from the frequency shifts. Most clients feel "lighter" afterwards. 

All entities have an electric aura around them, similar to the field around a magnet, that you learned about in school, or like the magnetic field around a planet. Humans carry an aura which is generally about 5-6 feet wide, which has a distinct double layered membrane at the edge as does planet earth. Our field is like a computer memory of all emotions, like rings on a tree, the farthest point out being birth and recent events being close to the body. Think of the memories as frequency patterns, "balls" of energy signals, floating all around you in your field. Strongly disturbing emotions carry a very jumbled frequency which is not coherent with the operating frequency of the body. 

These extreme emotional energies are stored in the field when a resolution to the emotion is not made, so that the frequency cannot be released or absorbed so to speak, back into the operating system. These "balls" of incoherent emotional energy frequency react to the frequencies introduced by the tuning forks. The body is able to "self- tune" when it recognizes the dissonance, and the energy is then released or assimilated back into the body as a coherent frequency.

​Since all frequencies resonate with like stimulus, any negative trapped emotions will attract and store more of the same negative energy. You will literally resonate with the negative energy stored in the field, holding you in that mental state, keeping you from moving forward towards growth and resisting new patterns of behavior. Releasing of trapped emotions in the body and biofield is paramount to fulfilling your highest potential.

The body has a system of electric currents referred to as meridians in acupuncture and other forms of energy healing. The main "hubs" of the currents are now scientifically observed and are commonly referred to as the chakras, or energy centers. These central channels are the main exit and entrance of energy into the body. I am aware of these during our tuning and use them in the healing process. 

Nicola Telsa

"Our entire biological system – the brain and the earth itself – work on the same frequencies.”

Nicola Telsa

​I am a Certified Biofield Tuner Practitioner in the method by Eileen Day McKusick. Here is founder Eileen McKusick giving a short overview of Biofield Tuning. Other information can be found at Biofield, and FAQ's.